Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lady Bird Lake / Downtown trail @ATX - 15KMS 1Photo x Km

There is no excuse to see life from a different angle. Literally. There are no excuses to not use the camera you have with you, either professional or not; whethere it is a smartphone or a disposable camera. There are no excuses for saying “I can’t because I’m at school”; “I can’t because I’m at work”, or “because I’m sick”. Every single place turns to be the perfect moment to photograph. There are no excuses to not think about it. Stop making excuses and start photographing so you can become a better photographer.

One photograph per traveled kilometer. iPhone 3Gs.

No hay excusas para no ver la vida desde diferente ángulo. No hay excusas para no usar tu dispositivo fotográfico, ya sea una cámara profesional, smartphone o una cámara desechable. No hay excusas para decir "no puedo por que estoy en la escuela", "no puedo por que estoy en el trabajo", "no puedo por que estoy enfermo", cualquier lugar, cualquier momento es perfecto para fotografiar. No hay excusas para no pensar en ella. Deja de ponerte excusas y comienza a ser un mejor fotógrafo.

Una fotografía por cada kilómetro corrido. iPhone 3Gs

KM1 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM2 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM3 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM4 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM5 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM6 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM7 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM8 Lady Bird Lake Trail

KM9 Downtown - 11th St / Congress Ave

KM10 Downtown - Texas State Capitol

KM11 Downtown - Arthouse

KM12 Downtown

KM13 Downtown - South Congress Ave Bridge

KM14 Lady Bird Lake - Long Center-Performing Arts

KM15 Lady Bird Lake - Trail

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