Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is it like to be a photographer | Que es ser fotógrafo

To be a photographer for me is to see what others do not see. To interpret light and shadow. To dream about my next photograph, learn something new everyday, to experiment, to share, to get dirty, to get wet, to stay up late, to create and dare. To be a photographer is to drive 16 hours knowing that it was worth it. To discover, to discover me, it's all about passion, performance and see how beautiful garbage is.

Para mi, ser fotógrafo es ver lo que los demás no ven, interpretar la luz y la sombra, soñar mi proxima fotografía, aprender algo nuevo cada día, es experimentar, es compartir, es ensucirme, es mojarme, es desvelarme, es proponer, es atreverme, es manejar 16 horas continuas sabiendo que valió la pena, es descubrir, es descubrirme, es pasión, es entrega, es ver lo bello en un montón de basura.

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  1. I'm impressed in how lovely garbage really looks. You are a wonderful photographer.

  2. You are a master of lighting....

  3. This is amazing. Beautiful capture. Share your setup.