Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where does inspiration come from? | De donde viene la inspiración?

I have talked about creative process before and being able to execute them. Today I want to talk about my inspiration and the creative process, specifically in photography.

Ya he hablado anteriormente de procesos creativos, como ejecutarlos, hoy quiero hablar del origen de la inspiración en los procesos creativos, y mas en específico de mi fotografía.

A few months ago I have seen a short film series called "Imaginantes" which narrate shorts stories of important people or general culture moments. These days of "must"-vacations to me, I have taken some time to watch such short films. They are marvelous. If you speak Spanish, it is important that you watch them so you can know what I talk about. Even if you don't speak Spanish, watch, they are fantastic.

Hace un par de meses había visto una serie de cortos titulados "Imaginantes", los cuáles narran pequeñas historias de personajes o sucesos de interés general. Estos días de vacaciones forzadas para mi, he aprovechado para ver los diversos cortos, y debo decirlo, son maravillosos. Si hablas español es importante que los veas para que entiendas realmente de lo que hablo, y si no hablas español, de todas formas tienes que verlos, no te preocupes por no entender de lo que hablan, el simple hecho de verlos es realmente fantástico.

I have enough inspiration for now, just by watching these short films. The video that I am publishing talks about Gabriel Figueroa, Mexican cinematographer. One of my favorites, he is a true artist and a source of inspiration that look forward to succeed.

Y es por medio de estos cortos que he encontrado suficiente inspiración para un buen rato. El video que publico es una breve semblanza del cinefotógrafo mexicano Gabriel Figueroa, uno de mis cortos favoritos, un verdadero artista y una fuente de inspiración para muchos fotógrafos que aspiramos a trascender.


  1. Dear Diego

    I just wanted to say that when you and your girlfriend helped share the Hurricane story with the world it was one of my high points of the year

    I like your blog and your work

    Have a brilliant 2011

    Best Wishes

    Drew Gardner

  2. Dear Drew:

    Thank you sooo much, I really appreciate it, your words are an honor for me.

    And, what can I tell you, I have a couple of years following your work, it´s amazing.

    I hope next year can meet in person, I have plans to travel to Europe.

    Feliz Año!